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Psychology PhD Programs 2021-2022 Fall Semester Applications

Graduate Programs (Doctorate) 2021–2022 Fall Semester Applications



Sabancı University Graduate School of Social Sciences is accepting applications to the following graduate programs for the 2021–2022 academic year.

  • Experimental Psychology (Ph.D.) 

  • Social Psychology (Ph.D.)


How can I apply?

Candidates must submit an online application at the website below.


What are the rules and required documents for application?

Please click here for the rules and required documents for doctorate programs application.


What are the scholarship opportunities?

Candidates may be given various kinds of scholarships based on merit. Please click here to view the scholarship opportunities for graduate programs at Sabancı University.


Application dates

  • The application deadline for Experimental Psychology (PhD) and Social Psychology (PhD) is August 2, 2021.

What happens after I complete my application?

  • Candidates shortlisted by the admissions jury of their respective programs may be called in for an interview. Candidates will be notified of their interview times by email or telephone. Interview dates will be announced below. Candidates invited for interviews will be notified of the modalities for these interviews. Based on the conditions, interviews can be in-person or online.


Experimental Psychology (PhD)

Written exam: None.
Interview: August 9, 2021

Social Psychology (PhD)

Written exam: None.
Interview: August 9, 2021


How can I get more information?

You may contact the following faculty member for academic issues and questions. You may contact Sabancı University Student Resources for more information regarding application and admission procedures.

  • Psychology (PhD programs)

    • Asst. Prof. Junko Kanero, (216) 483 93 21,