Program Description

Program Description

The minor in Decision and Behavior aims to provide students with analytical and normative tools to understand and evaluate individual and collective behaviors as well as decisions. The highly interdisciplinary program covers several fields of study including social sciences, humanities, engineering, and management. Also, the courses offered in this minor program include training and discussions on the applications of theories to real-world problems.


The students who complete this minor are expected to:


-          Understand the sources of behaviors and decisions as well as their transformation and development

-          Analyze individual and collective decision-making processes and their societal and business outcomes using qualitative and quantitative methods

-          Learn how to improve decisions and behaviors

-          Reflect upon ethical dilemmas

-          Obtain skills required for improving interpersonal as well as inter- and intra-group interactions

-          Examine the policy implications of decisions and behaviors at micro and macro levels


For more information about the Decision and Behavior Minor Program Requirements please visit here.